Amazing-Grace.Bible was started to extend amazing-grace.community beyond just being a discussion forum. I started amazing-grace.community back in 2016 because I felt most forums for discussing Christianity had forgotten their purpose. Some had become a business that required regular fund raising, others had become a place for populism, and others had become a place for sectarnianism. I wanted to be able to go somewhere that I could discuss the Bible without all the worldly baggage that had infiltrated the various Christian forums I had taken part in or had read through.

The overall purpose of Amazing-Grace.Bible, and amazing-grace.community, is to provide a welcoming place online for people who want to discuss God's Word. All are welcome here althought to post in Amazing-Grace.Bible you will be required to follow the community rules that can be found in the announcements section of the forum (which was amazing-grace.community).

Amazing-grace.community will eventually be merged into Amazing-Grace.Bible so everything is all in one place and easier to manage.

It is my prayer that you find Amazing-Grace.Bible a welcoming and uplifting place to be. Remember nothing is possible without God so all praise and glory is Gods.

Blessings to you in Jesus name.